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Air Bearings

When precision motion or positioning is required, porous media air bearings provide an outstanding solution with proven performance advantages. They are a natural choice for applications in coordinate measuring machines, precision machine tools, semiconductor wafer processing machines, and other clean room, high speed, and precision positioning environments. For roll2roll manufacture, they also offer a clean, contactless and extremely stable transport solution.

Key features

  • Zero friction & zero wear; better crash resistance and damping
  • Straighter motion (unlike rolling element bearings insensitive to surface finishes & guide irregularities)
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Eliminates oil; positive air pressure self-cleaning in dusty environments
  • Support high speeds and acceleration


Porous material offers considerably better performance than conventional orifice air bearings due to better air distribution.


From enhancing image resolution in computed tomography to tight fly-height control in flat panel dTechnical Downloadsisplay processing or R2R applications.

IBS are experts in the application of air bearings technologies. Our unique expertise has been gained through more than two decades of developing precision machines and systems with outstanding performance. For the ultimate in performance we supply NewWay porous media air bearings. See below for standard and custom options. For advice on your particular application needs contact us or simply ask for a quote below.


Flat Air Bearings

Available off-the-shelf, these standard bearings compare favorably with conventional rolling element bearings across virtually every performance characteristic. They are appropriate for highly-loaded applications, and are the easiest type of bearings to integrate into prototype designs as they can be readily replaced or changed.


Round Air Bearings: (sizes in diameter)

25 mm  -  40 mm  -  50 mm  -  65 mm  - 80mm -  100 mm  -  125 mm  -  150 mm  -  200 mm


Rectangular Air bearings:

12 x 24 mm  -  15 x 30 mm  -  20 x 40 mm  -  25 x 50 mm  -  40 x 50 mm  -  40 x 80 mm  -  50 x 100 mm  -  75 x 150 mm  -  100 x 200 mm  -  125 x 250 mm  -  150 x 300 mm

Air Bushings

Designed to make air bearing technology readily available to engineers with pre-existing designs based on round shaft guides. These porous media air bushings run on standard precision steel shafting.


Available sizes: (inner diameter)

13 mm  -  20 mm  -  25 mm  - 40 mm -  50 mm  -  75 mm


Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings (VPLs)

For applications where pre-loading is difficult or impossible, vacuum preloaded air bearings (VPLs) provide the solution. Combining vacuum with air pressure, they offer advantages for a wide range of applications in a diverse group of markets and industries. By adjusting the vacuum and the pressure separately, the fly height and stiffness of these vacuum preloaded air bearings can be optimized.


Available sizes: (in diameter)

50 mm  -  75 mm  -  90 mm


Radial Air Bearings

Radial air bearings are the ideal component for building frictionless rotary motion. These air bearings provide a fast, made-to-order solution. In either concave or convex configurations, the air bearings are ideal for a range of rotary applications, giving you all the differential advantages of air bearings that you require: high speed, high precision, no friction, no wear, no need for lubrication, excellent velocity control, and no noise.


Radial Air Bearings product section



Conveyor Air Bearings (Air Bars)

A line of modular air bearing components specifically designed to meet the non-contact glass-handling requirements of the Flat Panel Display and Solar Module manufacturing processes. This includes conveyors designed for high speed as well as low air flow and for application under or near precision processes. Also known as air bars, they offer significant advantages over conventional or orifice bearings, including higher stiffness, lower settling time and hence yield. And the larger the glass size the bigger the advantage.


Conveyor Air Bearings product section



Air Slides

An array of standard slides designed to enable the easy application of linear motion. Ideal for engineers interested in an integral slide-and-guide approach, these modular assemblies may be your quickest path from the design to the delivery of your project. Our air slides combine an accurate guide with an air slide ready-fit for installation. This provides you with the convenience of integrated guide and bearing systems. Yet these slides have a straightness of motion and dynamic response often an order of magnitude better than conventional rolling element bearings.


Air Slides product section



Air Turns

Contactless web handling, flattening and stabilisation. In roll-to-roll processes, avoiding web contact is critical in many applications to reduce damage and contamination. Cylindrical air bearings, or ‘air turns’, support webs on a stiff < 0.1 mm air layer, providing contactless handling and improved precision.  

Available sizes: (in diameter)

80, 100, 125, 150mm diameter and length up to 1500 mm - more sizes available on request.

Open our Air Turns brochure for more details



Spherical Air Bearings

Spherical air bearings are ideal for use in aerospace and defense applications and are able to support a sphere on a thin layer of air, providing all the benefits of frictionless motion. Example applications include Zero-G satellite testing, multi-directional control, flight simulators, laser deflection, scanners and precision spindles.

Spherical Air Bearings product section


Bonded Air Bearings

Bonded Bearings are the ideal components for building low profile/high stiff frictionless linear motion. The Bonded Bearings were originally designed into our made-to-order linear slide assemblies. They are now available as a made-to-order component in rectangular configurations.

Bonded Air Bearings specification sheet