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New consortium in Advanced Thermal Control

In the development of precision systems and machines, thermal effects can play a critical role. As accuracy, productivity and optimisation demands increase, the challenge to further improve performance from the perspective of improved thermal control is of growing importance to markets ranging from inkjet printing to automotive to lithography systems.

IBS Innovation Director, Dr Theresa Burke, has together with ASML championed the formation of an industrial consortium of leading companies from the Dutch high tech sector to address this important topic. With members ASML, FEI, Philips, IBS Precision Engineering, VDL and Segula, it will deliver a truly industrial research program.

Consortium aims

The consortium will advance the theoretical and applied approaches to design, simulation, measurement and compensation techniques essential for the development of precision modules/systems subject to internal or external thermal loads. The focus will be on technical strategies and solutions to enable the next generation of industry capability.

Consortium implementation

Starting in early 2016, this body will address research through a programme of industry funded PhD projects covering:

  • Design rules and optimisation tools that enable the module designer to effectively account for transient thermo-mechanical performance. Optimisation for systems under feedback control.
  • Advanced methods for experimental modelling (i.e. identification) and feedback control for thermal problems.
  • Model reduction including next generation techniques for complex systems.
  • Multivariable feedback control for thermal applications. Controller design methods.
  • Systematic and effective tools for observer design.
  • Thermal management of optical systems.

TU Eindhoven and TU Delft will be the first academic research partners. The consortium structure has been designed for future growth; extending research projects and partners to achieve leading international research results.

International satellite network

The consortium aims to develop a satellite network body of international expertise and interest in the field. The consortium will provide to this body full insight on developments within the generic research of the consortium and a forum for sharing industry perspectives and academic developments. Benefits will also include:

  • Annual workshop attendance (incl. invitation to present).
  • Copy of annual report and cleared publications.
  • Preferred supplier status in regard to the project research activities.
  • Inclusion and access re any roadmapping activities.

An open meeting took place on 25th Feb 2016 at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands. This meeting gave full insight on the program, as well as a chance to meet the other leaders in the field. For satellite network membership read more >>. Full membership options are also available, for further information please see contact below.


Interested parties should contact Dr Theresa Burke: