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Inspection and Qualification Tools

For over 20 years IBS has been supporting leading manufacturing companies with inspection and qualification tools which guarantee the precision of their products. From first concept through to realisation of the measurement tool at the production facility, IBS will provide the expert knowledge and experience required.

IBS delivers world class measurement solutions and has a distinguished track record of proven and robust tailor made, precision tools in the field. Leading edge metrology (measurement expertise) is at the core of all IBS machines. From manufacturers of complex carbon-fibre jet engine components to semiconductor chips accurate to tens of atoms; IBS has provided key enabling tools. Read on for a small selection of the machines delivered by IBS. To discuss your needs please contact us at:


ALICIA - IBS Precision Engineering was awarded a major contract by CERN as part of the 2019 ALICE detector upgrade project. Just over one year later, the first sensor module assembly machine, called ALICIA, was developed and constructed for this upgrade by IBS. The first machine, ALICIA 1, passed the site acceptance test at CERN and six more machines have since been delivered by IBS to sites around the globe. ALICIA 8 will be delivered to Russia. Key success factors of the ALICIA development project have been system integration and flexibility.  Read more >>>


LETO - IBS was tasked to deliver an automated solution for the measurement of automotive cooling pipes produced to micro accuracy. LETO measures length, endform and thickness product parameters to a range of ISO standards with user defined tolerances. Combining mulitple measurements to one machine, improving measurement accuracy and increasing automation of the process, this measurement machine has taken the quality control process a generation forward.


VISEE - This tool was developed for the measurement of ultra precision dampers specified to  nanometer performance accuracy. VISEE provides automated measurement of the dynamic axial stiffness characteristics of multiple damper types in a temperature controlled environment. IBS  software is optimised to allow for the integration of advanced analysis whilst making the complex  damper characteristics accessible to the production operator.



VERA -  is a fully automated 3-axis CNC coordinate measuring machine for cylindrical parts. Making the VERA unique is the use of high accuracy guideways and spindles, so a radius measurement is performed at sub-micron accuracy. The machine can measure all parts on both sides, so even large diameter parts (up to 300mm) without reference can be measured.