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For applications where pre-loading is difficult or impossible, vacuum preloaded air bearings (VPLs) provide the solution. Combining vacuum with air pressure, they offer advantages for a wide range of applications in a diverse group of markets and industries.

By adjusting the vacuum and the pressure separately, the fly height and stiffness of these vacuum preloaded air bearings can be optimized.

In contrast to opposed bearing preloading, which requires two flat guide surfaces that are parallel, only one flat guide surface is necessary; providing a further cost advantage.

There is also a significant technical advantage. Both "x" and "y" axes can be supported by a single bearing plane. Further, the adjustability of film thickness can be used for focusing, squaring and sub-micrometer vertical positioning over a range of several microns.

IBS Precision Engineering offers three standard VPLs: 50mm, 75mm and 90mm. Choose a specific VPL at the bottom of this page for more details.