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For ultra-precision position and displacement measurement applications, non-contact methods offer several advantages.

They provide high dynamic response, measurement resolutions down to picometers, have low (or no) hysteresis, and can measure small, fragile parts with no risk of damaging delicate structures.

At IBS Precision Engineering we are expert in measurement solutions. For over 20 years we have been working with world-leading sensor provider Lion to deliver simply the best position and displacement measurement systems on the market. This means outstanding resolution, speed and reliability.

From servo controls for scanning electron microscopes to production quality controls for the latest disk drives, our sensors deliver precision where it counts.


Example applications

We provide sensor technologies based on capacitive or eddy-current technologies. Capacitive sensors provide extremely high precision and are ideal for clean environments. Eddy-current sensors provide high precision and are robust to a broader range of environments. Typical applications include:

  • Position or displacement measurement
  • Thickness measurement
  • Run-out / eccentricity measurement
  • Deformation measurement
  • Vibration measurement


More specific examples can be found here.

Designed for the highest performance, we deliver resolutions down to 50 picometers; bandwidths up to 100kHz and vacuum compatibility where required. Sensors are designed using the best materials. They employ advanced algorithms and electronic designs to ensure they are very linear, stable with temperature, and able to resolve incredibly small changes in target position to deliver ultra high resolution measurement. They can be provided in standard or tailored formats. 


Capacitive measuring systems

Our state-of-the-art capacitive systems offer world beating accuracy and unmatched speed. Read more >


Inductive measuring systems

For precision displacement, position measurement or metrology applications in environments involving liquids, dirt or other contaminants our high performance Eddy current measuring systems provide an outstanding solution. Read more >


Label sensors

Superior to optical sensors. Read more >