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Rapid health check of your spindle accuracy and performance.

Spindles represent a key part of any machine tool. Not only does their performance represent a key parameter in product quality, they can represent a significant fraction of the machine cost.

The IBS Precision Engineering spindle inspector delivers a simple but highly accurate system which may be integrated seamlessly into production systems. Automated measurement at a range of user defined speeds reduces spindle performance to a set of simple parameters with definable tolerances. A ‘green light’ system allows your machines to continue performing uninterrupted until a tolerance run out is spotted; system interface options cease operation when tolerance is exceeded.  Spindle replacement can be precisely predicted; product failure and sampling reduced.


Key features

  • High performance non-contact measurement at 75 nm resolution
  • Measurement of dynamic spindle performance from 250 to 40,000 rpm
  • In process axis shift measurement
  • Data logging for spindle performance monitoring over time


Measurement takes place in a probe nest permanently positioned in the machine. The target is a high precision cylinder with a maximum roundness error of 1 μm, accommodated in the tool magazine. Three sensors in the probe nest measure simultaneously allowing a real-time dynamic radial and axial measurement. All data is acquired by an industrial real-time system and stored locally. The spindle inspector is supplied with Windows software to analyse and present the data. Multiple inspectors can be networked remotely for total factory control.



Demonstration video


List of parameters that are measured:

  • Synchronous radial error in X & Y
  • Asynchronous radial error in X & Y
  • Synchronous rotating radial error
  • Asynchronous rotating radial error
  • Fundamental axial error in Z
  • Residual axial error in Z
  • Asynchronous axial error in Z
  • Axis shift in X, Y and Z


For more information, please see our "Machine Tool Inspection and Analyzer solutions" brochure.