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Rapid health check of your machine tool linear axis.

The positioning accuracy of any machine tool is of vital importance. It governs how and when your end product is within tolerance and defines your productivity. Over time accuracy falls off and with it your effective output.

The position INSPECTOR delivers rapid and reliable measurement of the positioning accuracy of your machine. Designed to integrate into the machine, it puts an instant ‘health check’ at hand during normal production.

The position INSPECTOR measures X-, Y- and Z- errors simultaneously, speeding the assessment process.



Key features

  • Instantaneous qualification of tool positioning accuracy (for end product conformity)
  • High performance measurement with 0,2 μm resolution
  • Machine check with 10 positions within 1 minute
  • Data tracking for predictive maintenance scheduling
  • Automated process including simple go/no go options

The position INSPECTOR comes with the wireless (Trinity) probe. All tests in compliance with the ISO 230 standard. All sensors are calibrated and supplied with a traceable certificate.



For an introduction to the Position Inspector, you can have a look at this onepager. For more information please see our "Machine Tool Inspection & Analyzer solutions" brochure.