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Position AnalyzerIn-depth analysis and diagnostics of your machine tool linear axis.

The Position Analyzer system provides a simple but powerful principle to measure the machine’s 3D positioning and straightness errors according to ISO 230.

Geometric deviations are determined by measuring a calibrated ball beam. The measurements are performed by our patented and self-centering Trinity (wireless) or Triton (wired) probe that measures X, Y and Z coordinates simultaneously.

The probe has a large range, enabling a simple setup without alignment procedures. A ball beam measurement only takes minutes and shows the positioning accuracy and both straightness deviations directly .


Key features

  • Simple automated set-up delivers accuracy comparable to a laser interferometer in a fraction of the time
  • Rapid and comprehensive machine volumetric positioning accuracy determination (typical measurement time 1min)
  • Simultaneous measurement of position and straightness errors
  • Absolute measurements for machine acceptance test qualification
  • In-depth machine characterization (e.g. reversal error, backlash assessment)
  • Measurement according to ISO 230 standards
  • Easy definition of user defined measurement protocols


Ball beam

The ball beam is a reference object containing 22 mm diameter precision balls. It can be placed axis parallel on the workpiece table without making any other fine adjustments. The relative position of the ball center points is calibrated in X, Y and Z.

The common beam material is Silicon Carbide. Depending on the respective application, the number and spacing of the precision balls can be chosen. The beam balls are distributed such, that the machine’s positioning accuracy can be evaluated in 3D at all times. 

For more information, please see our "Machine Tool Inspection and Analyzer solutions" brochure.