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Superior to optical sensors.

Label SensorOptics-free sensing technology is at the heart of these label sensors. They see labels regular "eyes" can't see — like clear labels on a clear liner! This improved technology also makes them faster and more accurate - even on ordinary paper labels. Lion Precision's label sensors offered by IBS Precision Engineering use capacitive or ultrasonic technology so they have no sensitivity to color or contrast. The sensors are triggered by changes in thickness, not opacity or contrast.

For more information see table below with the different types of label sensors that are available.


Sensor options and specifications


New: Label Sensor LRD6300

LRD6300 - High-Speed Accuracy, One-Button Setup

Use the finest clear label sensor in the world for reliable, easy to set label sensing on applicators and slitter/rewinders.

  • Works on clear, paper, and most foil labels
  • Easy pushbutton setup
  • Capacitive sensor accuracy
  • Short-circuit and overload protection

View setup video


Label Sensor LRD8200LRD8200 - Ultrasonic technology for every label type

Ultrasonic technology provides accurate sensing of any type of label. Wide fork for booklets and easy web threading.

  • Works on all label materials and designs
  • Pushbutton adjustment
  • Easy to read informative indicators
  • Short-circuit and overload protection
  • Requires 4-pin M12 sensor cable

View setup video


Label Sensor LRD2100LRD2100 - The world’s first clear label sensor

Optics-free, capacitive sensing does not require changes in color or contrast to sense labels.

  • Works with clear and paper labels (labels without metallic or high-carbon materials or artwork)
  • Extremely stable setup
  • Fast, accurate, reliable
  • Short-circuit and overload protection

View setup video


Other, specialized label sensors:

LRD3100 - Clear label technology for small spaces: Same great performance as the LRD2100. 
LRD4100 - Vertical, multiple mount for slitter/rewinders. 
LRD5100 - Tear-tape sensor


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