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For precision displacement, position measurement or metrology applications in environments involving liquids, dirt or other contaminants our high performance Eddy current measuring systems provide an outstanding solution. Low noise and very high speed are just some of the advantages.

The system consists of a driver and probe that, together with the calibration, determine the performance specifications. The table below provides an overview of available drivers and related performance. Further details, including the probes available for each driver is described in the following pages.

Systems are factory calibrated for the chosen range and material. A traceable calibration certificate is provided.


Critical specifications

  • Nanometer resolution
  • High bandwidth (up to 80 kHz)
  • Low noise
  • Great linearity
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Insensitive to humidity and environmental contamination
  • Vacuum compatible as option



Our high performance Eddy current sensors offer the best resolution available in an industrial environment. They are ideal for measuring high speed linear motion or rotating targets for example: valve stroke; shaft concentricity, axial or relative displacement; spindle thermal growth or vibrations; liquid gaps; measurements through foils; detection of moving objects for process control. They are suitable for pressurized or nuclear environments and can address large temperature ranges.


Driver options

 Available probes* depend on your driver choice. Please contact us for expert advice.

Driver name:






Strength Best performance Multiple channel Wireless system Wide bandwidth Basic non-linear
Maximum resolution 30 nm @ 100 Hz 35 nm @ 250 Hz 100 nm @ 1kHz 200 nm @ 80 kHz 60 nm @ 10 kHz
Typical resolution @ 15 kHz 0,007% F.S.* RMS 0,007% F.S.* RMS 0,007% F.S.* RMS 0,009% F.S.* RMS 0,02% F.S.* RMS
Max. bandwidth 15 kHz 15 kHz 1 kHz 80kHz 10 kHz
Selectable bandwidth (kHz) 0,1, 1, 10, 15 0,25, 1, 10, 15 1 80  10 
Typical linearity 0,2% F.S.* 0,2% F.S.* 0,2% F.S.* 0,5% F.S.* Non linear
Multichannel No Yes Yes No No
Zero/Offset adjust Yes (button) No No Yes (screw) Yes (screw)
Gain adjust No No No Yes (screw) Yes( screw)
Setpoint / switch output Yes No No No Yes
Typical thermal drift 0,01% F.S.*/°C 0,01% F.S.*/°C 0,01% F.S.*/°C 0,04% F.S.*/°C 0,2 F.S.*/°C
LED range indicator Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Field calibration No No No Yes Yes
Cost indication €€€ €€€ €€€ €€
Other features Digital technology, DIN Rail Bus for multiple units

Digital technology, IP64

Wireless communication to laptop or PC. 802.11 b/g/n standard. Din rail mount Din rail mount. Also available as OEM driver

More details & probe options (click a system name)

ECL202 ECL150 ECW110 ECL101 ECA101

* A probe is also refered to as sensor / F.S. = full scale



Several probe options are available. For an overview of the available models & specifications see: eddy-current probes