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Porous media air bearings: ultra-low friction, infinite resolution, matchless repeatability.


When precision motion is required, porous media air bearings provide an outstanding solution with proven performance advantages. They are a natural choice for applications in coordinate measuring machines, precision machine tools, semiconductor wafer processing machines, and other clean room, high speed, and precision positioning environments. For roll2roll manufacture, they offer a clean, contactless and extremely stable transport solution.

Key features

  • Zero friction & zero wear; better crash resistance and damping
  • Straighter motion (unlike rolling element bearings insensitive to surface finishes & guide irregularities)
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Eliminates oil; positive air pressure self-cleaning in dusty environments
  • Support high speeds and acceleration


Porous material offers considerably better performance than conventional orifice air bearings due to better air distribution.



From enhancing image resolution in computed tomography to tight fly-height control in flat panel dTechnical Downloadsisplay processing or roll2roll applications, IBS provides the latest technology and unique application expertise.

IBS is exclusive representative of New Way Air Bearings in Europe, offering custom and standard porous media air bearings.


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