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To accommodate small spaces and larger measurement ranges & resolutions, Lion Precision has expanded their capacitive probe selection.

New probes are available in diameters of 3 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm. In addition to new sizes, the probes use new design parameters that further improve long-term stability, resolution, and temperature drift. On the small end of the spectrum, the new 3mm diameter probes provide measurement ranges as small as 10 µm with resolutions less than 1 nanometer. The tiny probes are only 15 mm long with right-angle or axial cable exits for squeezing into very tight spaces. On the larger end, the new 18 mm and 25 mm probes provide measurement ranges as large as 12.5 mm while still maintaining resolutions as low as 125 nm.

“New design approaches and new construction techniques have enabled us to create these smaller and larger probes while maintaining the high performance people expect from our equipment,” says Lion Precision president, Don Martin. He added, “What we learned will now trickle down into our existing probe offerings giving improved performance across the entire line.”