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For the ProDuZo (Production of Thin Film Solar Cells), a new production process of Thin Film Solar Cells is investigated. IBS Precision Engineering is going to monitor the production process by use of Machine Vision and already gave a demonstration on this during the Precision Fair 2011 earlier this month.

In the final application, a high resolution high speed camera (4MP with > 180fps) is used to measure artifacts of approximately 1um, where the substrate carrier is travelling at a speed of 0.7m/s.

The measurements on the artifacts are used to measure the position of the Solar Cell substrate, detection of possible failures in the production process and deformation of the material during time. Using an on-board FPGA on the frame grabber, the data obtained by the images can be processed real-time such that the production can run continuously. 

Ultimate goal of ProDuZo is to increase performance and reduce production costs.

On the image: multiple 20um laser scribes on substrate