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In September of last year, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between IBS and the Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The MOU provided an agreement for further collaboration and R&D using IBS’s patented machine tool measurement technology in the Taiwanese Machine Tool industry. Mayor Jorritsma of Eindhoven, who also joined this ceremony, visited IBS in July for an update on the developments and latest status of the collaboration.

Since the memorandum was signed, IBS has moved forward with a joint development project with ITRI. IBS is developing its machine tool measurement portfolio so that it can easily interface with ITRI’s intelligent machine platform (VMX), under development with the support of the Taiwanese government. VMX will support the development of next generation intelligent machines and forms part of the Taiwanese initiative similar to Industry 4.0 in Europe. IBS is developing an interface such that it’s Position, Rotary and Spindle Inspector products can be implemented on the VMX platform. In this way, Taiwanese machine developers and users will have access to the patented technology of IBS. The technology allows the machine accuracy to be both monitored and improved through rapid kinematic inspection, with optional compensation modules - providing a step change in manufacturing capability. In May of this year, a team of IBS engineers visited ITRI in Taiwan to implement the Rotary and Spindle Inspector on the VMX platform. A second visit will take place in August for the Position Inspector.

Major Jorritsma was accompanied on his visit to IBS by Desiree van Zutphen, Area Manager Taiwan for Brainport International Programme. Major Jorritsma is pictured above with IBS Managing Director Dr Henny Spaan and Innovation Director Dr Theresa Burke-Spaan, holding a Rotary Inspector system following his tour of the facility at IBS.