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Tutorial will be delivered at UNCC in Charlotte, NC, USA on Monday october 30th 2017.

Five axis machining has become the industry standard for the manufacture of complex parts for the aviation, semicon and medical markets. Monitoring and control of the accuracy of the 5-axis machine is critical to deliver the performance benefits it offers; which go beyond complex shapes to reduced costs and increased yields. As the complexity and precision of these machine tools has increased, traditional methods of measuring their performance are unable to meet the needs of the machine builder or user. With this 1-day tutorial you will learn about the latest technology to measure and improve the real performance of your machines. We will focus on the spindle and the 5-axis performance.

Spindle measurement: The fundamental concepts of measuring spindles will be covered, including industry standard error definitions, instrumentation and hardware demonstrations.

5-axis performance: A pioneering technology for the kinematic quality assessment of 5-axis machine tools will be introduced, which addresses the limitations of current techniques. Based on standard ISO measurements, the Rotary Inspector tool delivers fully automated measurement in under a minute to derive the total 5-axis machine tool accuracy.

This tutorial will teach you how to read the results and how to improve your machine. The tutorial is unique as it provides both the fundamentals of machine tool metrology and a hands-on session where you can actually apply what has been taught in the morning.

The tutorial is delivered at UNCC in Charlotte, NC, on Monday oct. 30th 2017. For more information and to sign up, see