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IBS Precision Engineering is pleased to announce that they are now a Siemens Product Partner with regard to their 5-axis machine tool qualification tool, the IBS Rotary Inspector. The Siemens Product Partner programme identifies leading companies with recognized expertise in specific fields complementary to Siemens solutions. With the Rotary Inspector, IBS will be a product partner to the SINUMERIK product portfolio – where Siemens offers a range of leading CNC controls solutions including premium machine concepts. 

The Rotary Inspector is a smart tool which provides ISO-standardised measurement of the kinematic accuracy of 5-axis machine tools. Using pioneering technology, it measures the machine’s geometric and dynamic performance in under one minute; including rotary axis pivot line offsets and squareness errors. Key performance indicators for machines can be tracked at a group, cell or factory level, in an auditable manner and real time. This can be the base for a cloud based machine tool analytics approach and is therefore a significant step into the digitalization of the factory. An optional machine compensation module is available.

Through this partnership, two proven leaders in high precision machine tool solutions will support each other to ensure that customers benefit from the most complete, efficient solutions of the highest quality, and can thus improve their competitiveness over the long term. This IBS certification as Siemens Solution Partner is a guarantee of high quality, when it comes to tailor-made solutions, that can meet the needs of the future in the areas of machine tool accuracy.