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After three years of development Lion Precision has launched the latest capacitive measuring technology delivering resolutions down to 50 picometer and a bandwidth up to 50 kHz.

Engineers, designers, and researchers needing incredibly precise measurements of changes in position of a moving object now have the tool they have been waiting for. Application areas include high density hard-disk drives where spindles are required to turn with near zero amounts of error motion (wobble). Don Martin, CEO of Lion Precision, elaborates: “Disk drive spindles have gotten so good, it was difficult to measure the error with existing technology, but the industry demands ever higher rotary precision to continue packing more data on a disk.” Previous technology was incapable of seeing the tiny movements when the spindles were turning at operating speeds. The CPL490 has now opened a viewing window into the dynamic pico world enabling spindle manufacturers and designers to take the next step in precision. Many other industries including semiconductor and electron microscopy require measurement of position with similarly increasing precision. “Some new technologies can’t take the next step until they are given the ability to quantify these tiny movements. We are now able to provide that,” adds Martin.

At 15 kHz bandwidth, the resolution is 7 parts-per-million of full scale range. That’s as low as 50 picometers! Another big advantage of this unique system is that a bandwidth up to 50 kHz is supported, meaning that measurements of tiny displacements at very high speed are now possible. With a bandwidth of 50 kHz, a remarkably high frequency for capacitive sensors, the precision is still less than 0,3 nanometers. “We are now able to measure changes in an object’s position when it moves less than the diameter of one of the molecules in the object,” says Martin.

IBS Precision Engineering is exclusive representative and distributor of Lion Precision's capacitive and eddy-current non-contact measuring systems in Europe.

For more information and specifications, please see the CPL490 product page.