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In a joint effort Teclab and IBS organized a workshop that took place on September 24th on 5-axis machine tool accuracy and compensation, ISO standards & CAD CAM software. The day had an international character with participants from Japan, Korea, China, USA and Canada. This in addition to guest speaker Eric Marsh from Penn State University in the USA.

The seminar provided the participants with key knowledge and understanding on how to measure and improve their machine tool precision and ultimately improve product quality & reduce costs. The feedback was very positive with 93% of the delegates confirming it as valuable in their future acitivties. The combination of theory during the morning lectures, that took place in Eindhoven's PSV football stadium, and the hands-on sessions on machines at Teclab in the afternoon was also very popular with the delegates.

With over 50 participants the workshop was fully booked. Because of this and all the positive feedback we received, Teclab and IBS Precision Engineering are considering organizing a similar event in 2015. Please contact Martijn van Hoorn Alkema for any questions:

Lecture from Prof. Eric Marsh from Penstate University

Spindle Error Analyzer workshop by Don Martin (Lion Precision) & Henny Spaan (IBS Precision Engineering)

Rotart Axis Analyzer workshop

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