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IBS Precision is proud to launch a new pioneering technology, the Rotary Inspector, at METAV 2016; the international showcase for metalworking technologies. 

IBS has been working with KMWE Group on this industry 4.0 solution which delivers a clear and traceable quality statement for 5-axis machine tools across the factory. As the complexity and precision of machine tools has increased, traditional methods of measuring their performance are failing. With the Rotary Inspector, IBS has pioneered technology which addresses the limitations of current techniques; including automation, dynamic measurement and reduction of the measurement time to under 1 minute.

The Rotary Inspector is a smart tool following ISO-standardised measurement and generating KPIs defining the geometric and dynamic performance of the machine. Information is provided at a group, cell or factory level, in an auditable manner and real time.

KMWE is already a customer of IBS for measuring tools. KMWE is a high tech supplier for mechatronic systems and complex machined components, with over 50 state-of-the art machining-centres. KMWE’s strategy is to be ahead in innovation and technology; in machine-equipment but also in processes. Therefore KMWE was looking for a measuring tool which enables them to conduct quick performance tests on machining-centres for both static and dynamic behaviour. In cooperation with IBS KMWE started a project integrating the Rotary Inspector into the machine for measuring. At this moment a pilot is running on 5 different types of machining-centres and the results are very promising. A measuring cycle, in only 1 minute, during normal production runs, results in a statement about the accuracy-status of the machine-centre.

Marc Evers (Board KMWE) and Berry Geven (Board KMWE) quoted: “This will help us to monitor the accuracy from first manufacturer pass, in process behaviour and qualification after re-allocation. Furthermore it will be a big help in process control (variation management) in our production which can be described as high mix – volume production. Basically it helps us being more pro-active and reliable in our production process. This experience will be very helpful at re-qualifying our processes when we are going to move our production-facilities mid 2017-2018.”

Dr Henny Spaan (IBS Managing Director) says ‘The advantages of five-axis machining are significant and its use is growing among leading manufacturers. Along with the ability to machine complex parts it can save time, money and reduce risks on set up and fixturing. Monitoring and control of the accuracy of 5-axis machines is critical to deliver such performance benefits. The Rotary Inspector is based on our patented measurement technique. Our goal was to make 5-axis intelligence simple – the data where you need it, when you need it. “

To aid in management of large numbers of machines, two quality figures are derived from the machine measurement. The Q value is the maximum geometrical error. It provides a boundary for the product form accuracy that may be achieved under 5-axis machining. The P value is a measure of the largest measured dynamic error of the machine, resulting from issues such as backlash or worn bearings. Such errors will be seen in the surface finish of the machined product.

A management module provides an overview of the current status and machine history for all machines integrated into the Rotary Inspector quality procedure. This provides instant feedback on the status of the installed 5-axis machine base.


About KMWE

KMWE is high tech supplier for mechatronic systems and complex machined components. Our core-competences are in Engineering, Machining, Sheetmetal (Fabrications), Assembly and Special Processes with customers in the following markets: Aerospace, Medical, Semiconductor and general machine building & equipment. Production is located the Netherlands and Malaysia and a strategic partnership in Turkey.

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About IBS

IBS Precision Engineering is an SME that works with companies and research institutes world-wide to enable the manufacture of leading edge products or instruments where ultra-precision is critical. As experts in metrology (the science of measurement) IBS delivers technology solutions for ultra-precision measurement, motion control or applications where the ultimate in geometrical accuracy is required.