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Our Transition Zone Air Bar combines the best performance characteristics of the company's H-Series (high speed) and L-Series (low airflow) air bars into a single hybrid design. This new profile is also engineered to significantly reduce both the system and the operating cost.

The single vacuum groove provides necessary control of the leading edge of the glass, while also enabling a greater fly height range of 20 to 120 microns. These fly heights have a stability of ±5 microns, well within the focal range of most inspection cameras, for example. This makes the Transition Zone Air Bar ideal for FPD manufacturers looking for non-contact control of Flat Panel Display glass at 30 microns, and also for Solar Module manufacturers requiring 80 microns of fly height.

The combination of air pressure evenly distributed through the entire surface of the conveyor, and vacuum pulling the glass down, and flattening it, provides a high margin of safety against glass touch-down.

Further, the Transition Zone Air Bar design enables components to be placed further apart in the array, and can even enable the glass to 'jump' 100mm spaces (over inspection or production zones), further reducing costs and offering fabs or machine builders additional design flexibility.

Finally, because these air bars are manufactured using New Way Porous Media Technology, which restricts the flow of air through the bearing surface, the compressed air required is significantly less than that for competitive products; even the compressor size can be reduced for many applications.

In addition to the standard Transition Zone Air Bar product line (shown below), custom air bars are also available.

Available Transition Zone Air Bars: (click item to open specifications & engineering drawings)