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Our precision chucks are engineered for use under or near precision Flat Panel Display (FPD) precision chucks glass manufacturing processes or automated optical inspection (AOI) stations, inline or off-line. They provide a much higher level of precision, stiffness, and damping than traditional air conveyors. The vacuum holes are designed so that, with air pressure on, the flow through a vacuum hole is the same whether there is glass over it or not. Simple and smart. This also means that as the glass comes on and off the chuck, the vacuum pressures and air gaps remain the same.

These FPD precision chucks provide ±5µm control, well within the focal range of most optical inspection systems. This is a significant advantage over conventional contact bearings or orifice-based air bearings, especially for coating or AOI applications in Gen-10 or higher manufacturing lines. Superior stiffness provides for faster settling time and higher yield, without the scratching or breakage typical of competitive systems. And the larger the glass size, the bigger your advantage.

In addition to the standard porous media precision chuck (shown below), custom fpd solutions are also available.


Precision Chuck 250mm (product code S2225401)

The 250mm FPD precision chuck provides versatile performance. These modular, ultra-precision positioning components are assembled in arrays beneath the areas of interest in the Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing processing or inspection. Easy to apply, replace or change, they provide non-contact glass handling control to ±5µm.

See the specifications below or download/open the engineering drawing here.