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Spherical air bearings are ideal for use in aerospace and defense applications and are able to support a sphere on a thin layer of air, providing all the benefits of frictionless motion.

Example applications:

  • Zero-G satellite testing
  • multi-directional control
  • flight simulators
  • laser deflection
  • scanners
  • precision spindles, etc.

These non-contact air bearings provide for infinite resolution, nanometre error motions, high speed, high stiffness, zero wear and smooth, silent operation without vibration. Further, no lubrication is required. Porous media technology distributes air pressure uniformly across the entire bearing surface through millions of sub-micron sized holes, while simultaneously restricting and damping the air flow. A vacuum pre-load can also be added. The result is a whole new level of accuracy and control. 

Spherical air bearings specifications